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​I honestly do not know how I would make it through the week without my exercise classes at HiNRG! Currently RIPPED and TKO/Axis are my classes of choice at this time, but with so many others to choose from I am sure I will switch it up soon! I have reaped the benefits of regular exercise- stress relief after a busy day at work, blood work that has improved dramatically- no longer am I pre-diabetic , and my cholesterol levels have never been lower! And I just feel GOOD about myself, which is so important! I realized I needed to change my lifestyle when walking up a hillside I found myself winded way too easily! Cardiac exercise was NOT appealing , but I knew I needed to try something. I started Zumba with Angel, and found it was FUN, and as time went on I was more coordinated and stronger! RIPPED was challenging at first, but after all this time I am still so proud at what I can accomplish, even at 60 years “young”! And the feeling after a hard workout? AMAZING! Exercise has helped me recover from some health issues. Ovarian cancer with subsequent chemotherapy was a struggle, but I got through it and jumped back into my classes! Being strong and toned was essential in my hip replacement recovery- that has not held me back at all! I find I need to modify certain movements, but otherwise have no restrictions and it is amazing being pain free! My exercise classes are a HABIT now- not just penciled in my schedule, but in red ink and sacred, and I would not have it any other way! I do it for myself, for my children, for my health, for my future! -- Molly

So here is my dramatic before and after! I never thought I would enjoy exercise especially at my heaviest. But I found Angel Chadwell and Zumba at first. I was hooked not only to exercise but to the support, love and friendship that I found. People that wanted to see you succeed and had been where you are, that makes an amazing support system! Gaining self-confidence made me confident enough in myself to become a POUND instructor in 2018, and I'm never going back to that old me! Just bolder and healthier and proud of all the progress I've made! -- Becky

​Like so many others, I just couldn’t/wouldn’t find time to focus on my health. In the past five years, I lost both of my parents to cancer, so I prioritized time with them and not towards my own health. I spent a lot of time working and 2 hours daily in the car commuting to work. Even before this, I didn’t think much about balancing nutrition and exercise in my life. In December 2016, one year after my mom’s passing, I decided I was tired of being unhappy about how I felt in my own skin. For me, it wasn’t so much about being a certain size, but more about taking control over my health and improving how I felt about myself. I don’t think anyone would probably even know that I wasn’t happy; I am a very joyful person!

I started my fitness journey with the Weight Watchers online program. This got me thinking critically about what I was putting into my body and also helped me to understand that fitness requires more energy, so if I wanted to eat more, I needed to exercise more! My mom always did yo-yo dieting and insisted that we all innately knew how to eat well and that we knew we should exercise. But, I think the Weight Watchers program actually taught me this for the first time as an adult. I did pretty well starting to increase my level of activity with WW alone, but in the summer of 2017, a friend invited me to do 6-weeks of Zumba (which I loved doing in the past!) at Christiansburg Recreation Center. The instructor, who had always been really positive and encouraging, invited me to check out her studio-Hi NRG Fitness Studio with Angel. I continued with Zumba for a while there and also started doing a moderate amount of jogging. At the studio, I sampled a lot of the classes and enjoyed them all. I also increased my running mileage and did my first 5k in April 2018. At Hi NRG, I mainly go to the RIPPED class because it really challenges me. There are songs with tons of burpees and others with numerous push-ups. Each week I feel like I can do more than the week before. (I think I actually have some visible arm muscles now!)

I’m not sure exactly how I have made this lifestyle switch. The first six months were probably the hardest because of the bad eating habits I had to break along with finding motivation to workout (even though it was rewarding). I come from a long line of strong women who have struggled with prioritizing their health, so I think this allowed me to stay comfortable with my unhealthy self for a long time. It wasn’t until I realized how much my negative self-talk was truly affecting how I felt about myself that I realized I had to make some serious changes. I came to realize that every day I was making choices that influenced my health; choosing to eat poorly and choosing not to exercise are choices. When I first started WW, I knew that the journey would be long. I knew that I wouldn’t always make the best choices and I knew that some weeks would be better than others. Keeping my eye on the long-term goal was crucial. Now that I am 1.5 years into my fitness journey, I can say that making good choices is easier. I simply don’t crave the foods that I used to crave and instead I seriously hunger for my long runs and my RIPPED classes. (Yes, I turned into one of those people I used to roll my eyes at.) Since this is a journey, I am surely not done. I definitely feel happier with my body and I am excited to keep challenging myself physically. Someday, I will do all of those push-ups without any of those helpful modification that Angel shows (haha!). I am also considering training for the Hokie half marathon (7 miles is my furthest run so far). I hope my personal story can influence you to make healthy choices for

yourself. We are in control of what we put into our bodies and how much we challenge them. Listen to yourself and be kind to yourself! -- Sarah

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​The first time I ever went to Hi NRG Fitness with Angel was in January 2018 for a Pound and Pour class. I was 230lbs, self conscious, and sure that I looked like an uncoordinated giraffe with broken legs! To my surprise, I had some fun and wanted to try again. I finally made it back in April and have been going every week since. I first started off with just Pound once a week, but now I go anywhere from 2-3 times a week. I have become addicted to Pound and RIPPED! With every class I have gone to I have gained confidence, friendships and motivation to keep going. Honestly, it is not just the classes that keep me coming back. It is the wonderful ladies that coach and attend Hi NRG Fitness with Angel. They have became my friends and my biggest cheerleaders through my journey! They offer their advice, support, and motivation with absolutely no judging. I think what I love most is that these women are real! They are not these phonies you often times see in the media. They are real women with real challenges and accomplishments like me! I don’t believe I would have had the success I have had thus far without Hi NRG Fitness with Angel and these coaches! Thanks to them and their dedication to help everyone be the best version of yourself, I have lost a total of 35 lbs in a matter of 3 months!! I cannot thank them enough for being there when I needed them, even if I didn’t realize it at the time. Hi Nrg Fitness Studio with Angel offers much more than an exercise and I urge everyone to try a group workout here at least once. You will not be disappointed and will want to keep coming back! -- Amanda